"How To FINALLY Get Breakthrough Eliminating Debt"

Your Debt Eliminated, Peace of Mind... Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible!

Learn What Successful Financial Experts Are Doing Right Now To Eliminate All Debt Including Mortgages In 1/2 to 1/3 Of The Time 
Even In These Uncertain Times

Dear Adopting Mom and Dad,

Have you tried the debt snowball... the debt avalanche... a consolidation loan?  Maybe like us, you have tried all of the above and have also put time and energy into getting a handle on your budget and yet...

You still aren't making the progress you want to see.

One of the things we are learning right now in this uncertain financial climate is that there has never been a better time to take a hard look at our debt.

They say that if you ignore a problem, it just gets worse...

So here's what we found...

We found we didn't know where to turn. Everybody seemed to have the "best solution" to our debt problem, but we had this sinking feeling that there was something they were NOT telling us.

We totally picked the wrong solution, and years went by with no real improvement.  It was extremely frustrating, and we don't want that for you.

We definitely don't want this decision to seem overwhelming and even a little scary for you... especially now.

That's why we know that this window of time is perfect to do something we have never done before...

And that is to meet with you personally and give you our absolute best advice on the methods for shredding your debt and living without the fear and anxiety of what is around the corner.

We want you to stop guessing and start knowing...

To go from uncertainty and stress to a clear plan of action...

This program can help you:

1.  How to understand the current financial climate as it relates to you and your family

2.  The best methods and tools to optimize and organize your budget


3.  Every conceivable option for eliminating your debt and exactly how much money and time you will save with our system.

We are so excited for you to get your hands on this information right now, when it could mean the most to you.  

Your financial future will never look better when you join us on this journey.

Hit the button below and book your FREE, no obligation appointment today!

To your success, 

Don and Rhonda Lamoureux

Put Your Money To Work FOR You:  

Our online banking solution makes use of financial tools already available at your bank in tailoring your debt-elimination plan. We then apply key money-saving principles to quickly eliminate your debt and minimize your interest expenses. 

Learn How to Get Your Debt Gone Fast With 5 Bonus Upgrades

Bonus #1:  You will get an inside look at what the banks are doing right now to take advantage of you.  We share their secrets and give you information on how to turn the tables on the financial institutions, putting you in the driver's seat.

Bonus #2:  Good financial stewardship starts with knowing and tracking where your money is going.  We will give you the training and tools to organize and optimize this with our budget planning workshop.

Bonus #3:  You will get the 7 most common methods for becoming debt free and we will disclose to you the #1 program to eliminate your current debt in record time - even with no discretionary income!

Bonus #4:  You will receive a Free Membership to our exclusive shopping portal with access to millions of products and services.  This bonus alone has put up to $1500 a year back in the pockets of our clients!

Bonus #5:  You will receive a Free Debt Analysis Report customized to your situation that will calculate huge savings and an early pay off. 

Your Debt Shredder Specialists:

Don and Rhonda Lamoureux

  • Certified Debt Shredder Representatives
  •  Kingdom Entreprenuers
  • ​Online Franchise Experts
  • ​Founders of The Legacy Builder Academy

There have been thousands of families that have changed their lives through the "Debt Shredder" system and tens of millions of $$ saved.  Here are a few examples of our success stories:

Congratulations to Elisabeth for applying the Shred Your Debt system!  She will cut her debt from 29.8 years down to 12.1, will save over $283,000 in interests payments and has potential cash accumulations of over $1.2 million at a 1% rate of return.

"Following the Shred Your Debt system, we will cut our debt from 26.7 years down to 5.8 and save $23,643 in interest payments to the bank.  Plus now we will accumulate almost $300,000 in savings!"

Chris and Pam Shuler

"We are so excited about being the newest owners of the Shred Your Debt system!  We will cut our debt from 26.5 years, all the way down to 4.7 and save over $67,000 in interest payments!  Plus we will now build OUR savings instead of the bank's!"

-Mark and Maggie

Congratulations to Rebecca and Jeremy for their wise decisions about their financial future!  Seasoned real estate investors, this system will save them over $158,000 and over 20 years of paying interest to the banks!

Charles and Rene have cut their debt from 28.4 years down to 9.6, will save over $104,000 in interest payments, and will build cash accumulations of over $623,000 while blessing those around them.  They are heading for debt freedom on thier terms instead of the banks!  

Congratulations to Jeff Cly for joining our program and saving over $164,000 in interest payments.  Jeff will be debt free in 12.8 years instead of 30 and will accumulate over $789,000 instead of giving all of that to the bank!

"I am so happy to be plugged into this debt elimination system.  I will cut my debt from 32.7 years down to 6.1, will save over $134,000 in interest payments while building cash reserves of over $1.6 million"

-Fred Leal

Catherine and Raul Joined our program and will now cut their debt payoff from 29 years all the way down to 14.4 years, becoming debt free 15 years sooner!  Plus, they will save over $137,000 in interest and accumulate over $580,000 at a modest 1% interest rate!

Kim and Robert Moreno joined the program and saved over $136,000 in interest, cutting the time to debt freedom from 28.9 years all the way down to 5.0 years!  Those savings will be invested in their OWN future, building for them cash reserves of over $2.1 Million.  

Still Want To Know More?

The absolute best way to know how this system works and to see what it can do for you, is to have your personal plan laid out for you with your numbers!

Debt Shredder ™ has saved hundreds of millions of dollars in interest payments. It provides clients with an easy to use online tool to minimize both time and interest paid on all debt. Our solution provides useful information and smart, specific guidance for finding savings opportunities unique to each user.

We want to help people understand and do more with their money.
Imagine the Possibilities with finances, we too often walk along nearsightedly, stumbling into avoidable financial pitfalls. The blurriness of the way impacts the quality of our decisions. To make matters worse, we can look back on our missteps with surprising clarity. How would you craft your life differently if you knew beforehand the impact of all your financial decisions? The Debt Shredder ™ program does just that using your existing monthly budget.
20/20 financial foresight... imagine the possibilities!

Turn Debt into Wealth
What would you do if you could build wealth and eliminate debt simultaneously, by putting your money to work for you? Would you take a family vacation? Start a college fund? Invest in real estate? 

This service can help you achieve your financial goals through the strategic interest cancellation and wealth-building power of the revolutionary Debt Shredder program.

You can save time and interest on nearly every debt you have.
Debt Shredder calculates some of the fastest ways to pay off your mortgage and consumer debt, and build a substantial savings nest egg based on your specific income, payments, living expenses and financial goals. You never have to guess which loans to pay off first, when to pay or how much extra to send. 

Do More Faster, Achieve More Faster. 
Debt Shredder offers enhanced features that truly take your financial life to a new level. 

Comprehensive budgeting system, fine-tuned to the sensitivity of your goals.
Enhanced calculations to pay down debt.
Software settings that allow changes to how aggressively to pay down debt and build wealth.

Ability to pay down multiple properties at the same time.
User-friendly software interface. 

Automatic account updates. 
Helpful client support. 
4 Cornerstone Principals to Eliminate Your Debt 
Interest Cancellation 
Strategic Payoff 
Time Value of Money 
Money Merge Account Software, Coaching and Education system 
Accumulate Wealth 
Increase Equity, Build Assets, Create Wealth 

Debt Shredder goes beyond helping individuals and families achieve success paying down debt — it also makes it possible to accumulate wealth targeted to each client's personal financial goals. Simply enter your financial goals, whether it's to pay off a vacation home, fund early retirement or pursue your wildest dream. Enter all the variables: principal, interest rate, term — even cash rewards on credit cards.

Using this information, Money Merge Live calculates how to pay off debt with some of the fastest payoff results imaginable — and build a substantial savings nest egg.

Take Control of Your Debt:  The Debt Shredder contains algorithms that can target the debt of your choice or calculate the fastest route to zero debt overall through significant savings in interest payments. 

The Debt Shredder provides a comprehensive picture of your finances by putting all your balances and transactions in one place. We are connected to most financial institutions with internet banking capabilities, saving you hours of research and data entry. 

Maximum Returns, Minimum Time
We want to help you reach your personal financial goals, whether you want to pay off your mortgage, credit cards or be completely debt free. The Debt Shredder is there to assist you along the way, and with little change to your current lifestyle.

Your Action Plan 
This displays what your typical financial month looks like regarding your current expenses, income, dates and dollar amounts. You can view personalized prompts on smarter ways to use your money.

Your financial information is automatically downloaded and categorized daily. No more waiting for your monthly statements to balance your accounts. Create the best possible outcome by using the consolidation wizard to evaluate accounts and merge funds to accelerate your payoff time.

The only guarantee in life is that the unexpected will happen, so this tool is designed to help you build a reserve to meet the cost of any unexpected emergencies. 

Strategic Payoff
The Debt Shredder uses complex algorithms to prioritize your debt payments to most efficiently reduce interest payments and create more wealth for you. 

Financial Dashboard
This is your personalized, customizable dashboard, displaying information to help you make smarter financial decisions, showing you the number of years to pay off debts, how much in interest is saved, the amount of discretionary income you have available, the true value of your resources and much more. 

Keep up-to-date on your important financial information. Set up alerts for bills that are due, account security alerts and more. 

From tackling personal decisions to reaching important milestones, my job is to guide you on the path of success. As a professional Financial Consultant, I guarantee great results. I’m fueled by my commitment to excellence and go the extra mile to make sure clients are fully satisfied with my work.
The results figures stated above are based on our client’s personal finances based on income and debts. Please understand the results of our clients are not guaranteed, and we are not implying you’ll duplicate them. We have the benefit of having an entire team behind us and generating savings for 3+ years, and have an established system to create results. Information without action is worthless. If you buy Legacy Builder Academy information and do not take action you will get little to no results. We use these real references from real clients for inspirational purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors… including, but not limited to your background, experience, and especially your consistency. All systems entail risk as well as consistent effort and action. If you are not willing to accept that, please do not join the challenge. Thank you.
Don & Rhonda Lamoureux